Thursday, July 12, 2007

A New Book: "Points Unknown: A Century of Great Exploration" edited by David Roberts

Points Unknown is an anthology of sorts containing long excerpts from famous, epic adventure stories from the 20th century...I have had this book for years as it was a gift to me from a wonderful former student, yet I hadn't read it because I have read many of the full-on unabridged accounts, but today I just starting reading it cuz I couldn't bring myself to read any more books on the current state of the world, itz just too depressing right now... [Note: I feel that as a social studies teacher itz my duty to read as much current affairs as possible]...In any event, Points Unknown, is filled with accounts of great stories of endurance, passion, and especially folly that define grand adventure. Here's a short sampling from "The Devils Thumb" which is a hilarious narrative by a very young Jon Krakauer involving his crazy attempt on the Northface of the Devil's Thumb in SE Alaska: "The highway stretched straight and empty to the horizon and beyond. Outside the car the night air was cold, and the stark Wyoming plains glowed in the moonlight like Rousseau's painting of the sleeping gypsy. I wanted very badly just then to be that gypsy, conked out on my back beneath the stars..."

Feeding the Rat: 5 hours of hard labor working on a construction crew...I am starting to look forward to the start of school!...Just kiddin' I enjoy the physical labor and the manly banter..No bike today...but no problem as itz taper time for the 24 hours @ 9 mile!!!!

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