Friday, July 20, 2007

The TOUR is finally getting exciting....

Feeding the Rat: 115 minutes mostly on singletrack...beautiful day in Duluth!!! Plus I had a day off from work...I mean real serious hard-core labor...You know, the kind of stuff your grandparents did way back in the day...before we became a nation of weak whining wimps On a sad note: I was blatantly "snubbed" today by a young cyclist wearing a LSCC jersey...It was a #5 Snub...the worst kind...A sad thing to have such a youngster snubbing...I guess the big time has arrived here in Duluth!!!


  1. An alternate title to this post could've been - "Charlie's Endurance Race Nutrition" :)

    Are you excited for Nine Mile yet!

  2. Thanks for all your help with the cats. Of course you can use the Nightrider lights, batteries, mounts, etc.

    If you are thinking about using the medical supplies for the 24 hour race, it looks like you might need more. Your aching body will need more vitamins than those little vials will provide.

    How many hours did you get in this week - jobsite hours?????


  3. Scotty & Sarah, We forgive you, we miss you...please come home...home to Duluth where people love you!!!! As stated earlier, Mike is killing me and once dainty hands, the hands of a poet, are completely trashed, I worked 20 hours last work [thatz a lot for a "laid-off" teacher use to multiple daily Union-specific breaks and in-services, etc...]. Regarding the Onceler and the fancy house--The forms are all done and the "blocks" [those things that we are always hauling around] are all done on the upper part [five high] and the lower part is two and three blocks high. I had to move all that damned rebar again on Thursday while Mass-da was on the phone...two huge fat guyz came on Tuesday with this huge CAT thingy and filled in the bottom section...Who'll be impressed!!!

  4. Musta been that kid that raided my closet. Next time you see him, call his mommie.