Saturday, July 7, 2007

Entertaining Evil thoughts of 24 Hours @ 9 Mile

Feeding the Rat:Even though it was very very very hot out, it was another great training ride for the writer with 3 hours and 40 minutes on the bike...When a guy is out on his bike, he's got time to think, you know, to engage in purposeful and challenging cognition...And so as I was riding today thinking about among other things, the amazing medicinal properties of combining malted barley, whole hops, brewer’s yeast and crystal clear water, abruptly my brain shifted to the notion of thirst and the varying degrees of thirst and then it began to conjure images of remedies for satisfying this notion or awareness of thirst, my brain then started to work-out complex calculations involving the direct correlation between big thirst and big drink and the next thing I know....the thought occurred to me that I should go for it and race the 24 hour event at 9 Mile...Last year I rode the 12 hour event and I did well finishing in 2nd place. But the MARQUE Event is the 24 hours race, in fact itz the 24 Hour National Championship…the best enduro riders in the country come to little old Wausau, Wisconsin to vie for the title of National Champion. Last year it was Chris Eatough winning it [Trek] with Nat Ross [Gary Fisher] finishing 2nd…A guy could build up a powerful thirst riding for 24 hours on that course which in-turn could only be remedied by a lot of "medicine"…If I can get me on loan a fancy-pants full-suspension ride from Ski Hut for the wee hours of the night-time, I just might go for it…more on this later…I do feel good and just may be if a lot of other guyz have bad days with bad bikes, I could get me a top ten finish???????? Stranger things have happened...just ask Floyd Landis!


  1. Do it! I have no doubt you would do very very well.

  2. 24 hours is a long time to be thinking about beer and not drinking it. I marvel at your intestinal fortitude.