Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Finished Albanov’s fantastic story of courage and endurance…Robert’s conclusions in the epilogue are earth-shattering, unbelievably ironic…It is true- real life is way more interesting than fiction [and therefore much more devastating]...READ this book!!! Konrad as a metaphor for man's propensity for self-preservation? Or the embodiment of evil??? Albanov's ultimate forgiveness of Konrad is ............Read the book....

Feeding the Insatiable Rat: Another hotter-than-hell day working in the damned sun on a construction crew…a great way to prepare for the 24 hours @ 9 Mile...so it goes..."if it don't kill ya, it'll make you stronger."


  1. Charlie, When are you getting to Wausau for the 24 hr race? Let me know and I will come see you .Jim Radke

  2. Jim...I'll be at 9 Mile around 7:00 pm on Friday night!!!!