Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Notes for the AH 135...4 weeks out and I'm in TAPER mode.....

Below is a partial list of last year's reflections on gear issues circa. 2007 AH 135...Take it for what itz worth, but remember I was out there for 36 hours and yet came back with all my appendages intact and no worse for wear other than a powerful thirst for fermented barley/malt products :)

Notes on Arrowhead 135; Feb. 2007
Post Race Debriefing:

Ø Bring two pairs of liner gloves…wear liner gloves inside of the Granite Gear mittens…have two more pairs of liner gloves waiting for me at half way (Cancel that, gotta bring 'em with this time.) Vapor barrier between the fleece mitten liner and the glove? Note: Gloves got really wet with sweat…use the green gloves for liners…the ones Tommy has access to. Is somekind of a vapor barrier appropriate?
Ø Need some kind of tight weave breathable outer-layer like the ibex wool jacket…? I lucked out that the wind was at our backs for the second half...
Ø The camelbak system worked but rubbed my back bloody raw, itz ugly…need a pack that will keep the camelbak off my back, but will still allow me to wear it under the outer layers…
Ø Get a new pair of lake shoes…get several sizes too big...Overboots :"A+"

for warm, but "D" for weight and bulk...Is there a solution?
*The 53 single front chainring with the 11-23 cassette worked perfect! (Just kidding!)
Ø The zippers all froze…? Is there a solution? Maybe silicone?
Ø Have wool socks and vapor barriers waiting at the half-way point. Cancel that as a new rule makes the event even more self-sufficient...which is very cool!!!
Ø Tight wool weave for bottoms? Or maybe a pair of ibex wool cycling shorts and the craft pants. Note: the craft wind-block long underwear worked well...but sweat was a problem
Ø Do not bring the Patagonia bibs…too uncomfortable and baggy
Ø Maybe its time to reconsider the Patagonia ninja top…the zipper froze and made it hard to unzip and therefore hard to access the camel tubes....How to fit? Can modifications be made...like velcro?
Ø Tubes…bring three tubes...absolutely no tubeless Stans in '08
Ø Bring a good pump…a good one, no mini pump...borrow Scotty's ?
Ø Get the ergon grips
Ø The gels and the other gel-like blocks worked great
Ø The perpetuem worked great
Ø Go with a big DAS parka, borrow from Hansi?
Ø One brake in the rear is good, no problems
Ø Keep flat repair stuff in easy access area
Ø Goggles don’t work…back to the drawing board
Ø Go with a scarf, the neck gators freeze and are un-workable
Ø Cashews worked
Ø Smaller heater packs worked…
Ø Glove don’t work in 20 below
Ø Stove worked

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  1. I am sorry you're not going tubeless Mr. Farrow. That means for sure it will be warm this year and anybody can finish.