Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hope this helps!!!!

“Detailed planning is imperative for a successful military campaign, but of course once the bullets fly, throw out the plans and run like Hell.” Uttered by some famous Civil War military leader, (whose name escapes me), that clearly maintained his sense of humor despite the ironic horrors of war…

An evolving, fluid Plan-of-Action for a successful 2008 Arrowhead 135:

In the spirit of full disclosure and transparency, coupled with my sincere desire, even commitment to share what I have learned over the years with my dear competitors for the upcoming Arrowhead 135, I have decided to publish my plan-of-action for the upcoming Grand Dance…after all I am an educator, a motivator, a catalyst for progression and enlightenment…I genuinely want my fellow competitors to have every advantage and if my sage wisdom can help, then I am doublely blessed…this is who I am!

If by reading this I am able to assist XXXX XXXXXXX, XXXX XXXX, or XXXX XXXXXXXX or some other “up-and-comer” in his or her efforts to win the 2008 Arrowhead, then I have done my duty and I will share in their victory!!!!

My personal goal is to finish among the XXXXXXXX overall. To achieve this goal, I have developed a strategy for success. This strategy is based on several essential assumptions, namely: 1.) I will make it to the half way point within XXXXXXXXX; 2.) I will consume XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX and then refill at the half-way cabin; 3.) I will have my XXXXXX system set-up in a way that will allow me to spend the entire XXXXXXXX in the same basic core XXXXXXXX; 4.) Staying warm without XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, given the fact that I will be XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX requires that I utilize the XXXXXXXX, unprecedented use of manly XXXXXXXXXXXXX (the idea is that I will use the XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX next to my XXXX, especially on my XXXXXXXX, to act as a XXXXXXXXX for my XXXXXXX The hope is that at the half-way point I will be able to XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX…allowing my XXXX to XXXX XXX and therefore XXXXX.) 5.) The T-Ek XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX, coupled with my discovery of the Samurai XXX-XX-XXX XXXXX technique for XXXXXXXX the XXXXX (thus solving the XXXXXX XXXX problem) will allow me to stay XXXXXXXX and XXXXXXXXX for both part I and part II of the event.

Consequently, if all of the above “reasonable” assumptions are met, I should be in a fairly plausible position to achieve the above stated goal. So hypothetically given the above as fact (instead of assumptive), the tactical element will play out presumably according to trail conditions: Option 1 pertains to conditions that would make the Gunnar 29er advantageous; while Option 2 applies to conditions in which the Gunnar is marginalized because of newly fallen snow and the resulting XXXXX XXXXXXXXXX.Option 1: The course is fast, the temps are super cold, all systems are go… Start with the usual XXXXXXXX, XXXXXXX, XXXX, XXXXXXX, XXXXX, etc., if this is impossible, or if not possible due to XXXXXXXXX difficulties go XXXX to the start (rather than XXXXX), watch for XXXX as he went XXXX last year. Go hard and do not XXXXXXXX at the first XXXXX-XX. The first XXXXX-XX (new this year) may provide for an opportunity to XXXXX XXXXX from the rest of the XXXXX. Given the X-Ek XXXXXX, there will be enough XXXXXX (trust this). Sign in and go. At the XXXXX XXX cabin—Follow the motto: “XXX XX and XXX out XXXX”; be business-like and XXXXXXXXXXXwhile completing the following tasks in chronological order: #1: Take XXX outer-XXXXX (top); #2. Take off next layer; #3. Take off XXXXX- XXXX; #4 Take off XXXXX XXXX layer; #5 Replace the XXXXX XXX (have the replacement XXX waiting in my half-way bag); #6 Put the XXXXX XXXX layer back on; #7. And refill the camelbaks with water and the pre-mixed XXXXXXX powders (have Xpremixed XXXXX waiting in the half-way bag, Note also have extra XXXXXXXXX in the half-way bag). Try to keep the stay less than XX XXXXXXX, do XXX XXXX for the other guyz…remember this is assuming that the course is XXXXXXX for my set-up…so go…XX XXX XXXX!!!! The half-way bag will only have the following: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX
Option 2: The course is less than ideal. Given my bike, I will need to follow the tracks of the XXXXXXXXXXX. Given this option, I do not enjoy the fruits of freedom of choice. If Option 2, I will need to pick a XXXXXXX to follow, especially if circumstances do not allow for a XXXX start. I guess my best bet would be to XXXXXX XXXX X. Yes, XXXX X. would be the best given the history of the event. Given this option, XXXX plays a much more important role. Of course the half-way bag will be essentially the same in spite of which option I am compelled to employ. More info. in the near future…

Note: sorry about the censor's knife, but in the interest of national security, some minor details were deemed to be off limits for public digestion...but I am sure what is left will be somewhat helpful!

Coaxing the Rat: 2 Hours and 42 Minutes…for a total of 9.7 hours for the week…perfect for Taper #1 of 4 Weeks of serious Tapering...Week #2 will be even better as I will emphasize getting good and "hydrated."


  1. I apparently speak for the Nord Dakoda contingent, so I will ask, "Where we can purchase such XXXX and possibly a little xxx to make our ride as fast as yours?". Maybe we can borrow XXXX from you if you have spares?

  2. I will make sure and bring plenty of XXXXXXX, the high potency kind!!! But it cause mild dementia and itz not all that good for your gall-bladder either!

    I am most fired up to hang with the Boyz from N. Dakota