Thursday, January 31, 2008

A day of reckoning is approaching....

I suspect that the 15 lb. limit regarding the Arrowhead 135 is a kind of symbolic, arbitrary, even moot that the fact of the matter is that when one starts to take stock and really weigh everything out there is no way for even the most fanatical weight-weenie to come in under the 15 lb. mark. Below I present my evidence:

*Top secret, cutting edge, new & improved footwear system including two pairs of woolie socks, but not including anything else (note: At over a one pound savings from last year's successful system)... I am at ~5 lbs.

*Down Bag (Marmot rated to 20 below), REI bivy bag, and a Granite Gear stuff sack adds another ~6 lbs.

*One very light pad adds another ~one pound

*Basic top layer system (not including a down sweater) adds another ~4 lbs

Just the above weighs in at 16 pounds...all of it is very light weight gear!!!! Does not include any food, fluids, fuel, stove, lights, etc....

Visualize, if you will, if you have the stomach for it...A stately, well aged man wearing a top secret, NASA designed footwear system, a light weight top base layer, another two mid-weight insulating layers, and a light weight fleece outer-layer...But he is completely exposed from abdomen to midcalf...He has no headgear on and no mitts and his bike has only the basic bivy gear and nothing else and YET he is already over the 15 lb. limit....NO WAY!!!! If anyone can get under even 20 lbs. I SMELL RAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There aint no way a guy can carry all that required gear and still get in under that weight limit!!! Let all my comrades be put on notice...I am gonna be watching you @ the WEIGH-IN!

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