Friday, January 18, 2008

Thanks Ski Hut!!!!

I got my trusty Gunnar 29er back from the boyz @ Ski Hut last night and rode it for two and a half hours+ tonight under the sub-zero, bright moon-lit skies on the local sno-mo trails. Itz nice on cold nights cuz ya know ya aint gonna run into any snowmobilers as it just too cold for that herd (even with there heated suits and sleds and massive girth) ...Rosscoe put a new chainring on, rear cassette, chain, new cables, and dialed it all in for me and the old girl shifts like itz totally pro...and it runs like itz brand new!!! Plus no slipping in the rear free hub...I am going with a 32 in the front and a 11X34 in the back for the ARROWHEAD 135...I rode a 36 by 12X34 all summer and fall and felt like it was the perfect gearing for anything within 1000 miles of Duluth, except for the Spirit Mountain course, where I rode a 34 in the front...but the snow, especially when itz fresh snow, forces a guy to gear down considerably...I actually even thought about going with a 30 in the front (I don't know if such an animal even exists?), but it just seemed too wimpy.

Good luck to Lonny M., Dave P., and Joel Calahan in the tune-up this Saturday down in Iowa....I wish I could have pulled it many little time!!!!

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