Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cold weather on the way.....

Oxymoronical muse on a quote that could, perhaps, be related to aspects of the upcoming Arrowhead 135: “We must always be on the lookout for perverse dynamic processes which carry even good things to excess (like riding a bike, cpf). It is precisely these excesses which become the most evil things…The devil, after all, is a fallen angel.” Kenneth E. Boulding

Gear Note: This weekend promises to provide an excellent test for the reliability of my rear free-hub’s functional capacity in Arrowhead-like temps. A few weeks ago, during a stint of cold weather, the free-hub was not engaging consistently (which is a death-sentence in a race like the Arrowhead 135). Consequently, in an effort to fix the problem, I ordered the Free-hub buddy tool (and special Electric-Soup lube) from Paul Morningstar, a committed veteran cyclist and libertarian out of California. Of course, as soon as I completed the overhaul, the temps rose into the 30s and 40s….so it goes…

Culture Corner: By the way I just purchased Kurt Vonnegut’s “A Man without a Country.” Vonnegut is my favorite author, my sister generously gave me his very early works of Player Piano (1952) and Mother Night (early 1906s) for Christmas and I gobbled them up in a week...so it goes

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  1. I'm planning on testing my Morningstar Soup filled freehub this weekend as well. I haven't tested mine in any extreme temps yet. Looks like the Pugsley will spend the night Friday night outside in a secure location rather than it's normal warm basement domicile. After a night of sitting idle in -10 degree weather it should take just a few turns of the cranks to reveal whether or not the Soup works.