Saturday, January 12, 2008

Taper City...If you ain't're in too deep!!!!

Teasing the Rat: An easy 3 hours and 25 minutes on mostly sno-mo trails with my trusty training partner, Ekimov...

Note: Today Ek delivered to this amateur the super hi-tech, fully pro-customized gear item that will revolutionize winter ultra-endurance events. This item is quite simply the biggest innovation in winter cycling since the studded tire and the chemical footwarmer. Please understand, with patents pending and a plethora of legal issues to be ironed out, I can convey no more to the public at this time...but know that I will be the talk of The Ball when I unveil this product at the Arrowhead 135 pre-race meeting...all the other girlz are gonna be GREEN with envy....When Pramann, Gray, Calahan, and the guyz from Nord dakota and Da Navy see this they'll all be sobbing like little school girlz!!!

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  1. Stop taunting us and at least post a teaser picture :)