Saturday, June 23, 2007

All This Weekend in Duluth: Bogus Baby Boomer Biker Wanna-Bees w/ Bandanas Band together to cause Bothersome Bottle-necks...

Are we out-of-line? Are we missing something? Could it be that we are unpatriotic, behind the times, reactionary, retroactive? Can it be that it is just my daughter and me that find the middle-aged fat guyz w/the stars & stripes bandanas coupled with their tight fitting leather-clad "chicks" racing their super loud brand-new shiny Harley's through the hilly streets of Old Duluth a bit too much????? Am I way off base here, people? Am I becoming a bitter old man? Yet my kid agrees w/me. My little Sophie sez to me today regarding the thousands of Harley dudes packing-up in town [safety in numbers?]; "Dad, itz soooo loud, itz like they want everyone to notice them and they never smile, how does that work???" I'm all like, "Good question, got me, maybe they got cut from the varsity team when they were in high school?" So it goes.........


  1. I agree with you. I'm so glad I was out of town during the Noise Festival.

  2. Charlie, your daughter can't help but having a unrealistic view of how frequently people should be smiling because she hangs out with you all day! It was good to see you smiling out at Mount Du Lac this weekend.

  3. Ingrid said to me last week, "I want a new bike...not a chopper, they're too loud!" My rants are having some effect.