Monday, June 11, 2007

Cheatin' fate & lovin' it...Reverting back down to the bottom tier of Maslow's Triange:)[Click here for specifics]

I am back from Winnipeg a better man, albeit slightly sore!!! It was a blast and a better bunch of guyz and galz, I'll never meet...My first general reaction: Canada is a forward-thinking progressive country, a country quite comfortable with itz direction and itz approach to the 21 century [can the same be said about the U.S.ofA.?]; but I digress! ...A full account of the RED ASS 300 is forth coming, so for now, suffice to say...Toward around the nineteenth hour or so, my companion [Marty] and I were just barely existing at the very bottom of old Maslow's Triangle and lovin' every minute of a nihilistic twisted sort of way that is at the moment hard for me to articulate, perhaps I am blocked because of a recent lack of high quality colon medicine [aka Bell's Kalamazoo Stout] :)

For all the official details click above on where it sez "click" or you'll have to settle from my forth coming highly idealized biased race recap...


  1. You're the man Charlie! Great ride!

  2. Hey Charlie, Great to meet you and get a chance to chat a little at the finish line. Great blog - you've got some interesting reading posted. I'd be happy to link to your full REDASS update from the Olympia site after you post it. I look forward to seeing north of the 49th parallel again in the future.

  3. Great race Charlie! Was nice to chat a bit at the finish line. Next year?