Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Where have all the mountain bike courses gone?

Back in the day, but not that long ago, maybe ten years ago or so, a guy had to really know how to ride a mountain bike and also be able to go hard for three hours or more in order to compete at the Expert level [I remember guyz like Joe Parkin used to win these races in three hours and I'd pull in an hour later]...now most of the courses in the Midwest are all essentially glorified cyclocross Mc-courses that take about 90 minutes to complete, EXCEPT the TWO Race Courses in the Duluth Area...Mont du Lac is in wicked condition ready to do some serious damage to all those expensive foreign-made carbon-fiber hot rods with all that fancy suspension travel and hydraulic fluids and such...I had forgotten how challenging that course is, especially if itz a little muddy...I'll need Ms. Lady Luck shining on me come Sunday afternoon...thatz a given!

Sunday is Race Day @ Mont du Lac!!!! Pre-road the course this afternoon with Scotty, Sara, Todd, and Mike...It was a blast!!!! 120 minutes and I felt good, so the rest of ya should just stay home :)

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