Saturday, June 23, 2007

Follow the trials & tribulations of those battling the EPIC GDR...ITZ GREAT STUFF...The stuff of dreams!!!! [click here]

The Great Divide Race is on....itz an amazing "unsupported" endurance event!!!! More to come on this mythological-like drama that is playing itzself out upon the great mountain ranges of the Western United States...Briefly, in the tradition of the wayward vision-quest seekers; First Homer [8th or 7th century BC]...then much later Lewis & Clark [~1804]...and now in the 21st century mounted on bikes, battling among many other obstacles, red-necks in mega-trucks, global warming, and canceled credit-cards [not to mention broken bike frames, tens of thousands of elevation gain and loss, etc...] we have about two dozen or so intrepid modern adventurers pitting lung, muscle, and brain power against the grand "peaks and valleys" [literal and metaphorical :)] of Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico...over 2400 miles...the record is about 16 days!!! Pretty Cool...definitely on my list of things to do...

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