Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Charlie's Summer Reading List: Book #2

After finishing the excellent, deeply captivating and yet very serious and very relevant and very important, "Speaking of Faith" by Krista Tippetts [five stars out of a possible 4 stars] I felt in need of a lighter read, so I am now just into a hilarious book titled, Round Ireland with a fridge, by Tony Hawks...after a night of hard-core libations and tough-talk, Hawks awakes to find the following signed contract next to his bed; I hereby bet Tony Hawks the sum of One Hundred Pounds that he cannot hitch-hike round the circumference of Ireland, with a refridgerator, within one calendar the die is cast for a super funny travel book...Like I said above, I am just into it, but it is a laugh a minute!!!! I can already give a thumbs-up this this book.......The Brits have a great sense of humor [Note: Similar in scope and tone, A Short Walk through the Hindu Kush is one of the funniest books I have ever read].

Feeding the Rat: 120 minutes+++ including a 40 minute early morning run and all day working to clear the land of trees for a fancy "earth-friendly" house...go figure, so it goes !!! The term, "Rational Man" is an oxymoron, in that we are so capable of ironic paradoxical absurd acts of folly...or is it oximoron?

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  1. I got to read the fridge book. Nice. thanks for the tip!