Monday, June 4, 2007

McFadden looks to be a strong candidate for Charlie's 2007 List of Most Impressive Cycling Accomplishments!

Working draft--Wausau Race Recap
Submitted by C.P. Farrow

Random musings on this weekend’s race—

Scotty and Sarah Kylander-Johnson’s amazing generosity and most delightful company…Itz great hangin’ with those guyz!!!

Sarah won again and looks to be setting herself up for a great racing season with possibly an effort at some of the big time Pro Races coming up later this summer. The Trek Guyz were there in full-on Trek Tent, Trek VW, etc. But don't get me wrong, these guyz are really cool and really supportive...Itz a grassroots approach and I totally promote TREK and itz generous support of several local talented riders, including Sarah, Doug Swanson, Tristan Schouten, etc...high-end Trek bikes are made right in Wisconsin [Howz that for an economic concept!]. These Trek Reps are cheerful and always willing to provide quick adjustments and to, in general, promote mtb racing in the Midwest at all levels and aspirations!!!! Kudos to TREK

Todd McFadden’s amazing display of fortitude and persistence. I couldn’t help but to think that this effort was surely a source of pride to Todd’s as yet unborn son. Todd broke his seat post off on the first lap and so he just rode for three hours in the hard driving rain and muddy conditions standing up…….I love that kind of thing, that kind of sheer tenacity….I would not have been more impressed if he would have won the race. [Note: please allow me a brief digression—Having a child changes everything, itz as soon as they bring the kid home, parents start to think about creating a legacy…itz cool as it gives one a sense of continuity and a unique perspective on the work one is able to complete while here on earth…Itz like, “hey maybe someday my kid will hear about how the old man finished a long hard mountain bike race with no seat…”

Both Mike Bushey and Joe McGraver are poised to have great seasons. Bushey was riding a brand new Specialized 29er with a rigid carbon fork and ONE SPEED [I think he said he was running a 36X16], while Joe was riding the stylish Blue Kelly 29er with a rigid steel fork. Mike commented that he was very pleased with the Specialized/White Brothers’ fork combo. Mike was only under eight minutes back from the winner, Brian Matter, finishing in the money at 10th place. Joe was not far back with a very good finish at 16th place. Jesrin Gaier [3rd place!] and Scott Chapin [12th] also both did outstanding work on that blustery Sunday. Brad Vieths also fought the good fight finishing in 49th place, beating 12 other “elite” racers. Mike Haag rode his very cool Phil Wood SS in the SS Class to VICTORY

Another amazing thing witnessed by the writer was a literal peleton of Amish bikers along Highway 29. The first group was comprised of easily forty girls totally decked out in full-on “going-to-church” Amish gear, complete with the bonnets and the aprons. Then farther up I encountered another large group of Amish boys in their traditional finery, including straw hats and old school boots. I surmised that they were all enroute to some kind of youth function. The scene put a huge smile on my face as I contemplated their compelling simplistic approach to the art of living. The world would be a better place if there were more Amish people out and about…Ya can't say that about most groups!!!

And another amazing thing witnessed by the writer at a McGas station near Wausau was a plethora of young Asian kids disemboweling from a smallish white utility van. As they kept coming and coming, and coming, I quickly took to counting and by the time the last kids left that van I was up to twenty-two. Let me repeat this, twenty kids probably 4 years to about 11 years and one old wore-out looking man for a total of twenty-three in a van…Just down the road from the it goes...

more to come: Mention Chris Peariso [he had a great race!] and Michelle Peariso [She was so great to give many hand-ups], Jan Rybar [a first rate gentleman], Dick Enberg [not sure about spelling, but a major positive force behind the area's mtb racing opportunities] for the author, well he found the big crash at the start and then also managed to bite it hard again on the second lap on a slippery descent...but I felt like I did pretty good considering my glandular problem and all :)

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  1. I can just imagine a young Floyd Landis at the front of one of those bike rides when he was growing up in his home town.