Wednesday, June 6, 2007

"Plan accordingly, do your cost/benefit analysis, get appropriate intelligence, but when the shooting starts--cover your head & run like hell"

Planning for the Red Ass 300...It don't mean nothin' But for those of you that like this sort of thing...Note: I firmly believe the adage: “One cannot really understand something, unless he really thinks about it and then writes about it.” In any event, the following are aspects of how I plan to approach this weeekend's festivities...a 300 mile race, all on gravel and dirt roads and trails...

The Pre-race meeting is on Friday night and the race starts at 6:00 a.m. At the start one gets a cue sheet for the first 100 miles--So at Mile 100, one signs in and gets a new cue sheet for the next 100 miles....also at Mile 100 [and again at Mile 200] there will be food and water available and a racer bag that is not to exceed certain specifications....then one heads out for the next 100 the next check point at is @ Mile 200...where ya get the last cue sheet. Itz a big loop in the barrens of Mantoba near Lake Winnipeg, some hills, but the wind will be the hero or villian, apparently it is very wet up there right now and there are chances for more rain during the race, so tire selection may be a it goes!

At the start, I think I will take off w/o lights and w/o warm clothing for the long night. [The plan being to save weight and to retrieve the "night gear" at the first checkpoint]. Also, I am thinking about NOT bringing the camelbak for the first 100 and to instead carry bottles and to have the camelbak waiting for me at Mile 100.
I am willing to take some the quest for going very light....Light is right, at least most of the time...

The overall strategy is this: Think of the race as essentially 3 separate races… [a much different mindset than in prepping for the winter-epic Arrowhead 135 which is completely self-supported and the Trans-Iowa which is semi-self-supported, in that racers can buy fuel, etc. at stores along the way].
• ____ Lube up big time!!!!
• ____ Apply sunscreen
• ____ Assess weather and dress accordingly
• ____ Good pasta, et. al. from Coop
* ____ wrap some duct tape around seat post

Race #1: The first 100 miles… Day conditions with some open stores in small farm towns...
Go with the Polish strategy of two jerseys: Ride with the lead group...don't do anything stupid until later on...:) Don't rest at Checkpoints!!!
• ____Carry one big bottle on the bike and carry 3 three in the jerseys [loaded with Perpetuem, E-caps, and Gel.
• ____ Carry small Hammer Gel bottle
• ____ Carry Park multi-tool
• ____Replenish fluids and food along the way using the store bought variety
• ____Carry two tubes
• ____Carry patch kit
• ____Carry chain tool
• ____Carry Canadian money…have enough $$$
• ____ Carry Visa Card
• ____ Carry Drivers license
• ____Carry one tire lever
• ____Carry pump
• ____ a few doses of Advil
• ____ a few doses of Tums
• ____ a few sore throat candies
• ____ dress according to weather
• ____ Carry sunglasses

NOTE: Have the following waiting @ Checkpoint #1—
o ____ Pick up Camelbak filled with Perpetuem, E-caps, and Gel [in the cooler]
o ____ Refill Hammer gel bottle
o ____ Pick up the second Cue Sheet
o ____ Have a copy of this check sheet in the bundle
o ____ have a marker to check off the items
o ____ Pick up the lights
o ____ Affix Petzl to helmet w/ zip ties
o ____ Have extra batteries already packed in the camelbak
o ____ Have access to zip ties
o ____ extra tubes
o ____ Affix light to handlebars
o ____ Have premixed and correct amounts of Perpetuem in baggies and packed in the camelbak
o ____ Have a few doses of caffeine in baggy
o ____ Have some e-caps w/ caffeine
o ____ Have cashews, etc…from Coop
o ____ Have 2 big bottles loaded and ready [Green Gatorade bottles][in the cooler]
o ____ Have Hammer gel quart bottle in the cooler
o ____ Have access to duct tape
o ____ access to new chain
o ____ Have the red frame pack available
o ____ Have access to Desitin
o ____ Re-lube w/ Desitin
o ____ Have access to change of shorts and jersey
o ____ Have access to leg warmers
o ____ Have access to wool craft top
o ____ Have access to socks
o ____ Have access to Craft cycling jacket
o ____ Have access to tums
o ____ Have access to sore throat candies
o ____ Have access to chain lube
o ____ Have access to Ski Hut hat

Ditch the following:
 ____Ditch first Cue Sheet
 ____Ditch the used bottles
 ____ Ditch used jerseys, but make sure that tools, etc. have been transferred to the camelbak.

Race #2: The second 100 miles…
Go into self-support mode…try to get all the gear into the camelbak, if in doubt ditch the wool craft layer for the craft cycling jacket. If the camelbak is too cumbersome, affix red frame pack and balance load. Suck it up and go…Don't be afraid to go alone...but be smart and ride with a group if possible...If an opportunity presents itself, take it...and risk it...Do not rest at the checkpoints!!!
If there are any stores, they close at 7:00 pm...

Race #3: The last 100 miles…If feeling good, go for it...attempt to gap the group early, so as to have time to recover if a metaphorical [or literal] wall is encountered. "Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead" or "fear and loathing in Canada." Also At Mile 200: Don't waste time...get in and out. Give the impression of health... This will be the real test...the last 100+ miles. Stay focused...DON"T GET LOST!!! But don't be afraid to ride alone...Be some caffeine

NOTE: Have the following waiting @ Checkpoint #2—
o ____ Refill Hammer gel bottle
o ____ Have cooler waiting
o ____ Have pre-measured and mix perpetuem and ecaps
o ____ jersey
o ____ socks
o ____ shorts
o ____ desitin
o ____ apply sunscreen
o ____ reload on calories w/ cashews etc…from Coop
o ___ extra tubes
o ___extra chain

Ditch the following:
 The lighting [if will most likely be dark]
 Switch camelbak for bottles?
 Jersey
 Socks
 shorts


  1. Good luck, you crazy bastard!

  2. Does Desitin work well. I've heard Norwiegian cod liver oil works miracles.And don't forget to pack some heat for the bear and moose encounters. The light weight titainium .50 caliber Desert Eagle is a good choice, and it was devloped in Minnesota. Good luck up there