Friday, June 29, 2007

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Just Thirteen Left in the Great Divide Race!!!!
Posted by Administrator on June 29th, 2007
Below is a roster of who’s left. Everyone appears to have made the 13-day cut-off at Steamboat, Colorado![Below are tough men! cpf]

Ashley Mckenzie
Jon Hurly
Josh Ficke
Steve Wilkinson
Bruce Dinsmore
Matthew Lee
Matt McFee
Jay Petervary: Winner and new record holder...2400 miles in less than 16 days!!!!
Matt Kemp
Nathan Bay
Jeff Kerby
Alex Field
Jon Billman
go to- for more info on this incredible race!!!!

Thursday's effort: 123 minutes mostly on singletrack...felt great!
Friday's effort: 87 minutes mostly easy on gravel + cleaned up the bike real good

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  1. Dude I think that race would be a blast. When do we sign up