Friday, June 15, 2007

"Like a Good Neybur, STATE FARM is There...Don't believe it, Chump!" They goin' to steal your here to found out how!!!!

I am adverse to those that are in the risk-adverse business. Hey, it aint none of my business what folks do to earn a livin’ and maybe itz just that I’m sore cuz I just got laid off from a job that I love [I’m a public school teacher and they lock us out almost every June and they don’t call us back ‘til September], but I’d think the Insurance Agents of the world got some explainin’ to do when we all waitin’ at them Pearly Gates. Here’s an example of what I’m talkin’ bout…an acquaintance was givin’ me a hard time last night about bein’ a risk junkie…sayin’ things like, “you oughta know better, than goin’ off and doin’ all those reckless thangs, ‘specially since you got a kid and all.” I'm like, whatz the worst that can happen? She’s like, “you could get your sorry self killed!” I’m like, “gonna die anyway…sooner or later” so it goes…She and her old man, they INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENTs…you know, “Like a good neighbor…U in good hands.” WHATEVER…wagerin' on when a man gonna die or ifin' his house gonna flood or burn, don't seem right to me...

Swimming w/ Snakes: 122 minutes going good for how beat up I am….

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