Friday, November 9, 2007

Rule #1: Don’t take it personal…after all itz just a war!

Even though it was dark, my highly trained eye caught movement on the left perimeter. I was riding fast…up well past the main entrance to Hartley Nature Center. There is a community park on the right where the road begins to flatten out, complete with softball/baseball-type fields, tennis courts, and play ground. As a wily veteran always on the lookout for an ambush, I automatically honed in on the unnatural movements behind the shrubs that line the ball fields which in turn quickly allowed my Mega CIA computer-like brain to discern two shadowy figures. The one closest to me was athletic; lean like lynx, committed like a cannibal. While the other was fat and sloth-like, tentative and wary like a roadie on a mountain bike course. They both looked to be 9th or 10th graders and both were fully armed with snow balls. The pure white of the small, albeit lethal orbs presented a stark, deadly contrast to their blackish camo fatigues. From personal experience, while not always fatal, snowballs especially at this early stage of the winter campaign within close urban warfare can cause major damage, (when the biker is still dressed in relatively light-weight armor). A well placed snow-ball really hurts when a youthful arm has the talent to hit a moving biker, even a leg shot hurts something awful (a couple years back a youthful, albeit talented miscreant hit me in the ear with a snow projectile knocking off my glasses and it hurt REAL BAD). At first, I went with the “flight” instinct standing up and driving down hard onto the pedals, but nearly just as instantaneously I knew that “fight” was my only real chance at salvation for this type of amoral insurgent thinks nothing of hitting his target in the back. I hit the brakes, popped off the bike in perfect Belgium-cyclocross dismount style and screamed at them in the best John Wayne voice I could muster, “You throw that snowball at me and I’m gonna kick your @#$#@^% *&^!!!!!" Perhaps too new to the merciless ravages of war to call my bluff, they dropped the snow balls and took off running back into the shadows…It was just like John Wayne would have done it!!! I was pumped!!! I rode off smiling and thinking I was “Lord of the Universe.”
Chalk one up for the good guys!!!!

Daily Brief Illogical Oxymoronic Muse on the Arrowhead 135: Practical contradictory applications in Paradoxology. 87 dayz to go…According to a super smart guy (Lao-Tzu) that was here on earth like a long time ago, like from the Far East; “The further one pursues knowledge, the less one knows.”

Feeding the Rat—60 minutes walk/jog on Thursday. 120 minutes high tempo ride on Friday...

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