Saturday, November 24, 2007

DBD #1: In the interest of National Security, no less!!!

Top Secret DBD Workout #1 is in the books!!!!

"Trying to find out what only dead men know." Bob Dylan

As part of a covert training mission, Tim Ek and I embarked on a picturesque, yet enigmatic, secretive, highly guarded 70 mile loop Friday morning from my securely fortified house in East Duluth. Nearly five hours later we arrived back to my humble, yet well protected abode with sore legs but bolstered psyches… While specifics are confidential, basically, we are training for nothing less than top finishes in the Trans-Iowa come late April….there I said it!!!! We both know we can go the distance, we have done so in the recent past. None of this, “I just want to finish” anti-hyperbole.…no way, we are training to be able to hang with the front group and we are training to be able to "jump clean" should (or when) an opportunity arise(s). Itz like that US American Revolutionary patriot dude said way back in the day, “Give me a top five finish or give me death!” (or something like that? Anyway, ya get what I be getting’ at?) In any event, Eki is a good man, tough as nails, and therefore a top notch training partner for the Trans Iowa IV (322 miles on rough gravel, in the past strong men have cried for their mommies)…The top echlon on the Federal government are on board, including White House approval. With clandestine assistance from various governmental agencies including but not limited to the FBI, CIA, NSC, SEALS, and Green Berets, we have developed a series of covert workouts that are dangerous, highly classified, top secret and yet vital to our nation’s security and our chances at the Trans-Iowa…I simply cannot convey anymore, dear readers, for to do so would endanger the very core foundations of our American Democracy…I am sure you all understand the brevity of the situation! For the time being, you will just need to trust that we (Dick Cheney, Eki, and I) are doing all that we can do to keep you all safe from the evil doers and at the same time getting Eki and I “like totally buff” for the Trans-Iowa!!!!

Daily Brief Illogical Oxymoronic Muse on the Arrowhead 135: Practical contradictory applications in Paradoxology. Arrowhead countdown--80 dayz; “Just War.”

Acknowledging Assyrian Assassins whilst attempting to augment the audacious RAT: Saturday-131 minutes good training pace; 5 hours hard w/ Ekimov on Friday. Plus, 90 minutes easy on Thursday...Itz shaping up to be a big week!!!

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  1. When I was on the Munger Trail Friday, I was wondering if some of those tire tracks were yours from Wednesday.