Friday, November 30, 2007

Five Star Workout; the kind that tests ones resolve! The kind that tests ones mettle! The kind that...makes a guy thirsty!

Fed the Rat even though it was a cold late Friday night, and I was well hydrated and full of fare from the Brew House, and also I didn't wanna go, cuz I knew if I went I'd miss my favorite political talk show (The McLaughlin Group)!!! But I went anywayz cuz I know...I've been there...I know my fate...I know what awaits me come early February...perhaps I know too much...--2 hours and fifteen minutes on snowy single-track up in Hartley and Lester. Took a hard fall and bent my rear wheel, hopefully Dean and da Boyz @ The Ski Hut can fix it goes...banking the time now so I can fly at the AH135, at least thatz the theory!


  1. I really thought doing only 20 mile a day commutes was considered taking it easy. To be honest though, my November last year was a lot tougher then what I did this October. I'm now convinced my issue of feeling like I can't recover is tied into my Celiac Disease and some recent ingestion of gluten from a mysterious source. It will take awhile for my gut to recover.

  2. Yo Chuck,
    What is feeding the rat these days? You still riding that bike in this snow or what? Maybe you are doing some skiing?