Sunday, November 11, 2007

Kids these dayz!!! I remember how great it wuz back in the day....Kids were better then, blah, blah, blah......

Hey Northlanders!!!! Tired of all the negativity about todayz youth??? Go see the Duluth East & Duluth Central High School fall play [tickets are still available for next weekend]. Itz the classic broadway smash-hit: Joseph and the amazing technicolor jacket (or something like that; you know, remember?, that Osmund squeaky-clean Mormon dude played Joseph on Broadway for like 50 know, the guy that had a sister that was easy on the eyes). In any event, itz a great Andrew Loyd Weber work (a bonafide genius) and the local kids put on an outstanding show, complete with full-on dancing and great singing.!!!! My little tax-deduction loved it as did da wife...The high school boy that played Joseph was Top Notch...Restores a cynical guyz faith in tomorrow's taxpayer base...Of course I fight with HS kids everyday and I can tell ya that in my little world at least, their every bit as smart and talented and civic-minded as any of the Gen Xers or the Baby Boomers....

Feeding the Rat: Rode out to 2 Harbors and back--Sweet!!! 3 hours...for a good week (13.7 hours!!!)
Note: It don't mean nutin' but with 2 weeks left to go in my training calendar I am up to 652 hours of total training.

Daily Brief Illogical Oxymoronic Muse on the Arrowhead 135: Practical contradictory applications in Paradoxology. Arrowhead countdown--86 dayz: "I never take short cuts unless I know they're shorter." C. Farrow

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  1. Charlie, you're tempting and teasing me with that comment on my blog about the MN State CX championships.... The legs might just have some more pepper left in 'em. Drop me a line back with your contact info so I can call or email you about it.