Friday, November 2, 2007

ATVs, camo, & hi-tech optics; I know itz all about communing with nature and all. But sensory infra-red imaging devices interfaced with cell phones?

Okay...I know this is sacred ground, treading on the dogmatical principal of Man's dominion over the lesser of God's creatures, but digital infra-red/sensory motion cameras strategically placed along the ATV/deer trails that call the Great White Hunter's cell phone to alert "the sportsman" of a deer in the immediate periphery? Finally, have we taken this inalienable right to hunt a bit too far? According to a Gander Mountain employee, these hi-tech cameras are selling off the "rack." Said employee was also quick to remind any critics,"remember the hunter still has to pull the trigger."
What a great way to introduce the wonders of nature to young people...perhaps the day is not far off when one can "take his deer" using a joy stick from the comforts of ones couch, of course the couch would have to be in the deer shack or it just wouldn't be the same!!!


  1. Yea, kill them deer!

  2. AGREED.
    What the f**ck is that? Todays hunter is the laziest creature alive. Keep an ear out for the number of these stupid bastards that have a heart attack after they finally shoot their "Mcdeer" and then dont have the basic fitness to even drag them the five and a half feet to their ATV. FYI Charlie, my commute to my deer stand is a three mile canoe paddle in the dark, and then a solid quarter mile hike through thick brush. No cameras, cell phones are anything else. I shoot one and I haul it all back human powered. Really though the whole venture is a great excuse to sit outside, reading a book all day......

  3. I think I saw a story on the news about a website for disabled hunters where there is a gun set up for them and they just sit and watch via a web cam and hit a button to shoot the gun. I guess that is okay if your disabled and can't leave your house, but still I don't see the fun in that. As for perfectly capable hunters using this technology. That's pretty lazy.

  4. Deer are the #1 killer of humans in the North America.

    That's why we have to kill them before they kill us, no matter how lazy.

    Fun fact.

  5. In the interest of paradoxology...I must admit to being a closet vension-lover!!!!