Thursday, November 29, 2007

Good Bye to MIDNIGHT SUN; a gear store here in Duluth. It was a great store, but itz going-out-of-business. Makes a guy wonder about the definition...

Kudos and farewell to MIDNIGHT SUN Ski/Kayak/etc gear-store here in was a great little store run by top notch local folks... But itz going-out-of-business...Makes a guy wonder about the possibilities of the "capitalistic free mkt system" and "the American Dream" and the adage"if ya work hard enough, your dreams will come true." Bad Guyz will go into a local store, like my favorite LBS (THE SKI HUT) and get fitted out and then leave and go buy the product off the internet...

Daily Brief Illogical Oxymoronic Muse on the Arrowhead 135: Practical contradictory applications in Paradoxology. Arrowhead countdown--68 dayz out...or something like that??? The race starts on Monday morning, February 4th: "I feel bad that I don't feel worse."

Note: Everyday for my classes, I write a Quote-of-the-Day on the board and I have the kids discuss it. My 1st hour group is top notch and it was amazing how the above little quote touched many of them. I heard many of them saying things like, "I totally feel that way sometimes." Of course for the Arrowhead 135, a more appropriate quote might be the following:

"I feel good that I ain't dead."

Feeding the Rat: Home-to-Esko commute in "good A.H." training conditions: 3 hours and 50 Minutes (BIG TIME, SWEET).


  1. Since I'm so weak, I took up running again. The only problem is that I seem to get injured right away. It's tough to get tough without being able to Nordic ski a bunch. I'm still able to my pull-ups though... I got quit typing and hit the weight room.


  2. Me thinks that most people, like me fer instants, thought the Midnight Sun was an overpriced Yup store catering to the Canal park tourist types. Location, location, location. Unless you are in the loop amongst the local ski and outdoor inclub, I guess you would'nt know about what a great place it was. I didn't. My loss. Lucky at the LBS/LSS does great by me, thou.

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