Saturday, November 10, 2007

They hurt, but mini-epics make ya stronger…

Ekimov and I embarked on a long 3 hour+ ride today that transgressed into a four hour mini-epic as the wind then snow, then slush came up rather suddenly about two hours into it. Neither one of us was dressed appropriately, but the steely Eki had even less on than the writer. We pulled it off though and it was great getting a chance to work-out with Tim Ek, one of the top enduro-freaks around and more importantly a darn nice guy!!!! Three hours into the ride with a good hour still out from warmth, my feet were really cold, but my main source of pain was the super chilling of my core front. Poor Eki was wearing just regular cycling shoes, shorts w/leg warmers and no glasses…frozen feet, legs, and no vision makes for an ideal training session for the upcoming Arrowhead!!! Anyone that has frozen his or her feet on a long ride knows that itz the thawing out that really makes a guy wanna cry!!!

Feeding the Rat: 3 Hours and 55 minutes…

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  1. Charlie, I know you're all set for that good ole' Red Ass race and you'll do wonderful. Anyone that gives it a go like you do has to. Something you might want to add to the calendar (to mingle in with CX) as a warmup in future years. Try & give the 'ole Iceman a try if you haven't before. I'm just getting back (& will actually have an update soon)... it's a Freakin' awesome race!!! It might be blasphemous talk but it might be the best race/course of the Triple crown, no offense to Cheq40 or O2S. Long drive but totally worth it. It rocked!