Friday, May 25, 2007

Bitter-Sweet or Am I'm gettin' soft in my old age???...

Okay, then, I'll admit it...I am gonna miss those seniors, all of them, even the ones that don't deserve it...OK, like I said, I am going to miss those seniors...Don't get me wrong, I don't want ya to think that I‘m the kinda guy that goes and gets all sentimental, all like misty-eyed and such, ‘cuz that aint me, don't believe a man should cry, no way; no how, it aint right, no way…Ever see John Wayne cry? Ever see Chuck Norris shed a tear? They shot Reagan and he smiled!!! They shot Teddy Roosevelt during a speech and he finished the speech! But I’ll admit that when them young kids started sayin’ "good bye Mr. Farrow" today…yeah, okay, I aint gonna lie…well letz just say…I am going to miss those young people, each and every one of them…there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch….thatz all I gotz to say about that…I don't want ya to think that I am the kinda guy that goes and gets all sentimental, cuz I aint...I guess I just must be gettin' old...gettin' all sentimental, but that sure wuz a nice group of young people.... You lookin' for something to do with your life? Think about teaching, A guy could do worse...teaching young people keeps a guy feeling... well it keeps a guy feeling young....thatz all I got to say about it goes

A Chorus of Cautionary Carbon-loving Conservatives: 60 minutes on Thursday & 120 minutes on Friday...They made me mow today, but I aint countin' it towards my training time as it don't seem right...seeing how I love training and hate mowing. Mowing, I guess itz just part of being an American......Mowing is kinda like payin' taxes. Payin' taxes so as we can buy another aircraft carrier or the like...or get them Vikings a new stadium!

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  1. Hey, my only job as of now is mowing lawns. Just call me the lawn boy. If I ever come over, I'll mow your lawn for you. As I write this, Sam is mowing our lawn.My Dad mows lawns part time.He has a hat that says "Lawn Enforcemet Officer". We are one big mother loving lawn mowing lineage.