Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Itz Shaping Up as a Great Training Week

I am starting to advocate that Minnesota should quickly secede from the Union. Or better yet, Minnesota should leave the Union, and then the Northland should secede from Minnesota.

Tim Ek has written an outstanding Trans-Iowa race re-cap...more on this later. It should be posted on the Team Ski Hut Website by Thursday...see:
or "click" on Top Notch Guyz on this site...

I ain't bragging, but itz only Wednesday and I got over 10 hours of good training in the bank! And my legs feel pretty darn good..............

Imploring Inhumane Ingrates : 3 hours and 22 minutes...a decidedly anti-biker headwind on the way home made for a hard effort...good stuff.

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