Thursday, May 10, 2007

"nature versus nurture" and the wholistic tragedy of snubbing

It seems that I have struck quite the “nerve” with many of you with regard to the pain and suffering bestowed upon the general biking community by these heartless, albeit active minority of cycling snubbers

Questions about snubbing and the "nature versus nurture" debate-A typical or frequently asked question:

“My left-leaning sister that just graduated from U of C Berkley with a degree in psychology, sez that snubbers can’t help it…that they were born that way?
Little Timmy Johnson from Waterloo, Iowa

Note from the author— Dear Little Timmy: Your liberal sister is partly correct. While itz Never Okay to snub someone. Recent federally-funded research at the University of Wisconsin @ Madison indicates that it is indeed quite possible that cyclists whose parent’s were biker-snubs and that were therefore subsequently snubbed during prenatal care and/or as young children are much more likely to snub others as adults when biking. But Timmy there is help available to these "genetically-predisposed" snubbers in the form of intensive sessions seem to work best, preferrably with the bikes present in the room.

I also received several belligerent remarks, but this one is from a concerned little brother...It tugged at my heart strings:

“Sure I snub, hey my workouts are super important to me…Itz not like I got time to wave and smile and give the thumbs-ups to every loser that I pass, my little brother sez I'm a jerk and thatz why I can't get a job and still live at home. If I keep training I’ll be a category 4 roadie before I reach 30…These are the words of my older brother, can he be helped?”
Little Arty Fletcher from Little Rock Arkansas

Note from author— Dear Little Arty: The oligopolistic pharmaceutical industry in a highly creative business arrangement with Haliburtion are currently working on getting the FDA to approve a new anti-snubbing pill. Look for it to appear on the selves at Wal-Mart in the near future. Get your brother on this new drug and he’ll be good to go…Also, Arty, Wal-Mart is looking to hire...

Below, here again we have a clear cry-out for help as this poor sole is using a chemical dependency issue to wrongly justify his snubbing of a good friend:

"What if the snubbeeee is on some strange chemical and is wearing headphones, has sweat on his glasses and has been riding for 5 plus hours in the 90 degree heat?
I did that to Don the other day.......John Doe

Rendezvous w/ repentant Romanovs: The Romanovs were first rate snubbers and look what it got them!!! Favorable tail-wind this morning, plus a wonderful 35 minute walk at lunch puts me at 2 hours so snubs on the way in!!!
Postscipt: Tough coldish head-wind on the way home...another big day with a total of 220 minutes or well over 3 and one-half hours...Saturday and Sunday will be tough as my wife is working some big hours...

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