Sunday, May 27, 2007

Encouraging Enormous Endomorphs to Emigrate to Europe

Encouraging Enormous Endomorphs to Emigrate to Europe: Worked all day doing good old fashioned manual labor. First at my good friend, Scotty's house doing a shingle job and then at home hauling dirt for da boss man [aka my lovely wife]. I am taking 120 minutes even though I didn't get on the bike. The justification is that I was with a bunch of biker dudes including Jesse Rients, Todd McFadden, Mike Haag, Joe Mcgraver, Sara & Scotty... [Important NOTE: Sara brought us tons of pizza; Diana, beaming and lovely but heavy w/ child, brought cookies, while to consumate the lunching experience Sara served up a ruebar krisp!]. I felt like I was at one of those Amish barn building projects, so we were working hard and yet having fun. And at home, they me got moving dirt [like in Cool Hand Luke] but still it was fun and good hard work. The kids were out playing, the robins were singing, the crab-apple trees are in full-on bloom, and I was able to take my colon/gland disorder medicine the way I like it [in the glorious optimistic presence of the natural-world in all itz spring regalia and of course Porter-style, very cold] it was all good...not as good as racin' my trusty Gunnar, but still pretty good..."I wuz livin'"

Total for the week: 13.35 hours. Two big events coming up [WORS or MNSCS on next Sunday & THE RED ASS 300 the following weekend], so itz time to just go easy and get the Kelly all dialed in ...

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