Saturday, May 19, 2007

"Patient seems disorientated, confused..." "No! No! I'm OK, I am always worries."

Cable Classic: Several of da boyz did very well and I'll live to fight another day, but not tommorrow, not at Erik's Sring Opener, which is very sad as I already sent in my entry fee in...more to come: For Now--News Reports of my untimely demise have been greatly exaggerated :)

A full race recap in a day or two...several Ski-Hut Guyz turned in some great efforts...Joe McGraver, Mike Bushey, Scotty, Todd McFadden, Tim Ek, Sarah K-J...

I was well on my way to an upset victory [not really, but I was cruising’ for an old guy!] and then I hit the wall...not metaphorically, not meta-physically, not poetically, not philosophically, , but literally---I slammed into a $#%&$#@ Wall!!!: "Patient seems disorientated, confused, recommend immediate transport..." With most of the race behind me, I was doing well in about 6th or 7th place in hot pursuit of guyz that normally leave me early on. There I was livin‘ the dream, feeling great, poundin’ some nails, when in the flash of an eye, at “break-neck” speed, I am looking at what can best be described as an anti-terrorism hedge-row or a tank barrier that someone had plowed up using a D-3 Caterpillar. In other words, it was a four foot high pyramid-shaped mound of hardened clay and sand…I hit that bad boy going full out. The sick thing about it was that I had time to think about it…time to look old man Fate in the eyes. I came cranking around a very fast descending corner and there it was, my destiny. I remember thinking “no time to brake, try to curl up and protect head/neck.”[Note: Over the many years that I have been racing, I have learned to become a real 'professional' when it comes to 'touching the floor' at high speeds on a bike.] According to eye witness accounts I came down hard and high on the front wheel and fought the good fight for a few feet before I crumbled, taking the big hit on the left side of my head , shoulder, and back region. I crushed my helmet and took big, bruising hits to my shoulder and back, the bike come through it with just a bent rear rim. At the finish they put me in the ambulance and upon questioning me, they concluded that I was crazy. So they took me to the ER in Hayward for a Cat-Scan [that didn't see any cats in my head, for which I was thankful, and the Doc said that there was no evidence of "acute" brain damage. I asked him about "chronic" brain damage, and he quickly changed the subject....Right now I'm a hurtin' cowboy [I did end-up gettin' 'er done...but I don't remember much after the big crash, I did finish but I was riding like a drunken sailor after the impact...Brian Narum hit the same %$^#*&@ birm about a minute before I hit, but did not fair as well in that he dislocated his shoulder. I landed near was sick. The guy that was suppose to be there to warn riders of this barrier was not in place so we both went into it wide was sick...] Thanks to all the guyz that stopped and offered assistance. WOW, so it goes............takin' a ride in an ambulance ain't no good life, but itz my life :(


  1. Glad to head you are doing okay after that. Get well soon.

  2. I think Fisher told of a simalr story last year. From wha I remember I think e aid they were to keep 4-wheelers out of the singletrack. That is crazy. consider this for another top 10 list on finishing the race.Gt well soon.

  3. Dang, crashed hard!

    I've developed this general theory about MTB racing. If you don't crash at least 1 time per race, you weren't going hard enough and pushing your limits. But I didn't crash on Sat., just flatted. Does that count?

  4. Hey Chuck: you left out the part about totally trouncing your Cable Classic age-group, being a total IRONMAN by finishing with gusto and flashing the famous Charlie grin. You got that 29er dialed! see ya