Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Itz raining hard in Duluth...

Brazenly Brandishing Bogus Bologna to the Barbeque: A good training session of 134 minutes at the high end on the bike mostly in heavy, sometimes seriously heavy rain...sweet...I love training in the rain cuz it means that lots of other guyz aren't training in the rain...:) One of the most motivated guys I ever met use to love to work-out really hard on Friday nights because he knew no one else would be working out on a Friday night, so he felt like he'd get the edge...pretty cool!!!


  1. 3.5 hours in the rain, and I wasn't the only one there...When are you going to show up on Wednesday's slug fest?

  2. Bravo Tone...I will start w/ you guyz as soon as schoolz out, but I am too slow to beable to stay in the pack...but itz always a great work-out...Charlie