Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Just a Shoe? Itz much more; Itz a lifestyle choice, a world view, a dogmatc mandate which may lead to either great humanitarian progress or EVIL!

Salomon S-lab XA Pro 3 product review
The company, which published its inaugural social and environmental report in 2001 (a first for the sporting goods industry), has attracted favorable notice for its activities related to its Standards of Engagement. Wokutch notes that the company was ranked first in its industry on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index in 2001, up from fourth a year earlier. "Much of this improvement is attributed to the compliance work the company is doing with its international suppliers." In 2001, adidas-Salomon ended relationships with 32 non-complying supplies worldwide."

People don't are about all that stuff...

"I think itz a sweet shoe. But whatz with the ankle skirt- it scares me?”
Kaleb L.

“What sport is it for?” Erik R.

“I wouldn’t date a boy that wore those shoes, unless it was Sean.” Molly M.

“The shoe is cool, but the color reminds me of that creepy Ronald McDonald dude.” Yakki

“The ankle sleeve would be good for preventing ticks. Seems well made, like it would hold up well. ” Alex Q

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