Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Today's NYTimes Lead Story: "Blast reinforces Cheney’s caution in Iraq, 'We have a Long Way to Go.'" So it goes...

Whatz with other guyz-on-bikes that will not for anything look up and say, "Hey whazup, nice day, eh" or even a "How we doing?" or even just a simple, "Dude." Itz my pet peeve of the week...Who are these guyz anyway? They are not super fast guyz...I know the super fast guyz, they beat me nearly every weekend during the racing seasons, plus up here there really aren't that many super fast guyz and like I said, I know who they are and they know me...I know most of the fastest guyz in the state and all are friendly and encouraging. Do you know what I am talking about or I am crazy? Here's a typical encounter...I am riding along, livin' the dream, feelin' great, up ahead coming towards me, I see a guy on a bike. Itz usually a guy on a fancy new road bike, a super light-weight euro-carbon job [he got "a great deal on it" off ebay], he's wearing a yellow USPS/Trek jersey that he got on sale off some internet bike store. Anyway, make no mistake about it, the dude sees me, we make eye contact...I enthusiastically yell, "HEY, howz it going?" He puts his head down and flies past, like in full-on ITT mode...Whatz with that? Howz that work? Where is that coming from? Does he think that being a jerk will make him fast? Fast like Lance...Lance is fast...Lance is a jerk, therefore if I'm a jerk, I'll be fast???

I mean I can understand the red-necks in West Duluth with the big dual-exhaust, "I support the troops" mega-trucks trying to take me out, thatz what they have been trained to do, itz their job. I never take that personally, but when a fellow biker snubs really really hurts:( I feel like Dorthy felt when that super mean, mean lady tried to take Toto. Itz just NOT FAIR...Aunty Em :(

Proactive Pandering to Parastic Pariahs : Made the commute to beautiful downtown Esko...took the long route so I was out 109 minutes in the a.m.
Legs were a bit fatigued from the hills yesterday, but it was a glorious morning. Postscipt: Great ride home, got to see and exchange pleasantries with both Doug Robinson and Mr. Bushey...Bushey and I rode together for awhile...It was dayz effort: 3 hours & 28 minutes [208 minutes]..SWEET!


  1. Shit, that was me!!
    (just kidding)

  2. Charlie, my pet peeve as well. This happens quite often to me. I always make the effort to acknowledge other cyclists. It's their problem if they want to be jerk like Lance.