Monday, May 7, 2007

Mission Accomplished...Clean Bill of Health!!!

Some of my good buddies from over the years came and sat with me in the WAITING ROOM and then after I went in for the "procedure" they even waited for the news...As you can tell from the pics above, they were as pumped as I was about the good news of my CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH!!!! I love those GUYZ!!!!

Nebulous Negotiations w/ Ner-do-wells: 37 minute brisk walk to the Saint Luke's Clinic this morning at 5:30 a.m.

Kudos to the following Team SKIHUT Cycling Mates: Scotty Johnson on 11th place at the first WORS Race...also kudos to Sarah K-J for winning the Women's Elite and to Mike Bushey, Joe Mcgraver, and Harry Anderson and Meghan Anderson...all with fine efforts @ the first big race of the season!!!

Note: Scotty Johnson recently wrote up a nicely done race recap [go to] of the first WORS race...It was held in Iola, WI. With next week's big UCI race in Maplelag...the season is NOW...These guyz, Sara, Scotty, Bushey, etc...they are the real thing when it comes to racing on real mountain bike courses, like the one @ Maplelag...I am pumped, but THE SEASON don't start for me until May 19th and 20th [Cable & Erik's]; so I got plenty of time to get serious about my weight loss!!!

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  1. Hey, my dad packed up his trek commuter bike and is taking a 1-2 week bicycle trip up to Duluth and maybe along the north shore. If you see a tent pitched on the side of the Munger trail or a dude looking like he's on a long trip, its probably him.He leaves tomarrow.can I give him your phone # in case he needs something?