Friday, May 4, 2007

Joe Friel, Training Guru sez: "Ya gotta rest one day per week"

Today is my rest day for this week...just gonna kick back and watch McDisney's version of Cinderella III w/ da kid and da wife. Yeah, life is good..gonna follow Friel's training advice and hydrate. Yeah, gonna hydrate with some [I really mean "a lot" of] Bell's Kalamazoo Stout to help kill the wretched pain of watching Cinderella III, and rest up for some big training dayz on Saturday and Sunday...Some of da boyz from TEAM SKIHUT are heading out on Sunday to race the first WORS Race and I am jealous as hell, but I gotz to remember that itz a long season and I'll get plenty of racing in...still I cannot get the idea out of my head that a Saturday or a Sunday NOT racing is a wasted weekend. Don't believe any of that new age stuff about picking and choosin' ones races...The fact of the matter is that: Only racing truly gets a guy ready for racing...I ain't sayin' itz a good idea, itz just my idea...and it don't mean nothin' it goes.

A Kaleidoscope of Kallikaks: I got a nice power walk in at lunch for 35 minutes...otherwise, I am taking the day off...Going for 20 hours this week w/ a rest day...thatz gotta be somekind of record, somewhere?

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